natalie q. godfrey 

natalie in studio natalie q. godfrey
mixed-media artist
seattle, wa., u.s.a.

I am foremost a collector.  Vigilant, patient, and curious, I take pride in the act of accumulating.  I seek to steward the unassuming and disregarded.  From everyday ephemera to ever-present senses, I record to bear witness; to weave words into familiar forms; to make meaning out of the eternal din.
        I have always understood the power of language.  Since a young age, I felt how language could hurt and saw how stories could heal.  Hearing others speak of their lived experiences connected me to my own; amplifying such experiences connected me to others.  I started with independent side projects: self-publishing booklets of interviews, pamphlets on mindfulness and collections of gratitude.  I made & shared as many as I could - and still do.
        In college, I fortified this inclination: the study of both rhetoric and art demonstrates the power of symbols (i.e., language, images, design, public figures) to make meaning - and induce action.  We use symbols to negotiate our condition as human beings; being-in-the-world. Symbols build into systems that influence not only how we communicate but how we come to understand ourselves and each other.
        I am a creator by virtue of circumstance. My process is full of repetition, repurpose and reverence. It started with collage, continued with paper, and carries on with cardboard.

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